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Friday, July 26, 2013


On my stupid fucking period. Last weigh-in? 59.5kg. Holy shit.
I literally cannot handle how fat I am.

Bf wants to go get gelato today. I'm like, wtf? Hopefully complaining about my period enough will throw him off that idea, or at least involving me in it. =)


We have all this delicious bread here (handmade white bread, white bread with soft chocolate pieces in it, homemade soft garlic bread) and I'm like, I want to eat ALL OF IT.

Then I look at my thighs.

And I'm not hungry anymore.

But I can make myself tea, so everything's okay. <3

My thoughts are really scattered right now. I'm sorry.


Btw welcome to my new blog. XD Thanks for following! <3

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  1. Ohh, those breads sounds delicious, especially the garlic bread (I love garlic more than is natural okay?)
    Stupid periods. Maybe take a few days off the scale until the bloat subsides?
    Scatter your thoughts wherever you want. It's your blog to write what you choose :)

    Take care sweetie <3 xx