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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Is this quote actually true for anyone? Whenever I stop to think about why I hate myself and my weight so much, I easily come up with at least a few contributing factors... Though obviously, I don't condone calling anyone fat, even as a joke, I still think this quote might be slightly too dramatic.

Oh well.

Thank you for my first comment on my new blog, Bella. <3

The bf got me two things of Ben and Jerry's. Rofl. I dunno. I just made a fresh pitcher of iced Fairytale tea. I can't wait until it cools so I can drink it. <3

Silly boy. Thinking I want ice cream. Gross.


Yay for being lactose intolerant? <3


1 comment:

  1. Before my ED, I don't think it ever bothered me if someone called me fat, if anyone ever did. I think that quote plays into the misconception that we develop EDs to look good, when for me it's the complete opposite.

    My pleasure :) Ooh, I got the second one too!