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Monday, July 29, 2013


Haha I indulged in a Monstre Rehab (pink lemonade) if that counts.. =3

So what happened was this.. the bf stole something from a certain extremely large store. I'm not entirely sure of the details, but point is, he did do it. Then he tried doing it again and got caught. He thought he was okay though, but then a few days after that, the cops showed up and he had to go to court today. He had to pay a fine and avoid the store in question for the next year. We thought he was going to go to jail, but thankfully he didn't. =3 I just didn't want to mention it before the actual court date because well.. I dunno. Legal stuff XD I don't understand the legal system very well haha. But I mean, court's public so anyone who bothered sitting in the courtroom where he was today would know all this, so it's not exactly private information, you know?

Anyway. =3

He's at work now.


Dunno when he's getting home though. >_<

There are still piles of bread here. It's kinda freaking me out. XD Is it bad that bread makes me so nervous?



Bf wants me to go play Monopoly with this crazy Christian chick and the girl he slept with while I was gone. Talk about a fun evening. XD

Oh except that's AFTER he wants me to eat some eggplant/potato/onion thing he's making. What in FUCK.

I feel too sick to eat. >_<

Bread is still scary though.


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