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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Haha I guess my blog is turning into a two-person conversation... oh well XD at least it's a cool person =3

Yeah the only people who have called me fat are my dad and my bf, and it's probably one of the nicer things my father has said to me, so... =3 yeah. People have no idea how triggering it is when they say "guys like girls who have meat on their bones" or something like that. I don't want to be attractive. That's the point, dumbass.


Fairytale tea iced? Delicious as hell. <3

Also my friend, who I call "Monster Guy" (MG for short?) brought me over a pink lemonade rehab last night <3 It's still sitting in the fridge but it shall be consumed ^_^

Also there are a few bottles of alcohol sitting on the table. Hehe. I haven't touched them. But alcohol is always good so... maybe later? XD

Something absolutely scary/fucked up happened last night. More details when it all blows over, which will probably be within a month or so... hopefully... ah god it's making my anxiety go insane.


But that does mean that I'm already building my second house in Skyrim... haha! My first one has a fucking AWESOME greenhouse and I spent like, an hour catching butterflies and bees in it. I think my kids and my follower and my bard thought I was crazy. Ohhh well. =3


Anxiety is wonderful for video game quest completion.

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  1. Yay, I'm cool! :D

    Whaaa? What happened last night? Are you okay? Email me if you need to talk, I understand if you don't but I just thought I'd offer anyway :)

    Enjoy your drink if you have one. Tonight's my weekly wine night so I'll be indulging in a glass (or three).