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Friday, March 14, 2014


My mom of course kept a horribly close watch on what I ate while we were in Cancun. She also kept an eye on my drinking after I came back throwing up from drinking too much vodka one night. Apparently one egg and half a pastry isn't enough for breakfast? Ugh.

I probably did drink too much but it's okay because 1) the drinking age there is 18 and 2) I didn't pass out and I clearly remember nothing bad happened so...yeah. Except that night I got throwing-up drunk (funnily enough, ACTUALLY throwing up, not self induced. Is it bad that it felt weird?) I let slip about the guy that raped me when I was 17. She hasn't mentioned it since I told her I didn't want to talk about it, though she did express concern about my mental state. But like I told her, nothing has changed except now she knows more, so there's really no need to worry. Blah.

I only fooled around with 2 guys there. One spoke a few languages, but was a frat boy. The other one was a masters student from Dubai. Neither of them particularly caught my interest but it was nice to feel attractive and even more nice to feel that lovely sense of control over a guy where you know he'd do anything to get in your pants (I suspect the alcohol helped me a lot XD).

Anyway I'm back now and too terrified to weigh myself.

Oh and even though I asked him to clean up any awful things he and his friend did while I was gone, the bf still left the apartment trashed and somehow broke my computer charger. So I stole his since our computers are from the same company and I've used it before. Too fucking bad if it's inconvenient for him - he shouldn't have taken mine. -_- Best part? He blamed it on the puppy. Like, bullshit my computer charger is always on the floor and she's never done anything to it before and she doesn't touch wires anyway after that one time she got shocked by biting one (we tried to train her out of it before, but apparently she had to learn her lesson the hard way).

Anywyayy I'm back and I'll be catching up on your blogs asap <3 love you guys

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  1. Welcome back lovely. I'm glad you had fun :) Throwing up booze sucks, but I'm relieved you didn't get passing-out-losing-memory drunk.
    Sigh, your boyfriend. It's a shame he couldn't even keep the place tidy. How wonderful to come back from holidays and have to clean a trashed apartment :-/
    Take care deary xx