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Friday, March 28, 2014


(While most of the pics I post on here are of thin girls, I also mainly post them because I love their outfits <3)

I went to the counseling center at my university today. The girl (she was a trainee apparently, so not fully licensed, but she was nice and seemed perfectly professional so I didn't mind) was awesome. She didn't get freaked out at all when she asked "how are you currently coping with your anxiety" and I said "I let guys tie me up and hurt me" XD And apparently she didn't despise me because she checked her schedule specifically to see if our schedules matched up so I could continue seeing her. Yay <3 My next appointment is April 10, but I already feel better just knowing someone is on my side. Does that make any sense?

I threw up stomach acid (not having eaten anything that day) until I could barely stand yesterday so I decided maybe I do need a *little* help. Not like completely cured, because that would probably feel weird, but I don't want to be *this* crazy either.

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  1. Proud of you for going to the counseling center. Trainees aren't so bad really, they've gotta learn somewhere. So awesome that your schedules match up! It does make sense that you feel a little better just knowing someone's there to talk to. I hope she can help you sort things out, I really do. <3