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Friday, April 18, 2014


@Bella - yeah it was beautiful <3 And WARM. Oh my God <3

So there's this song that apparently China did when they hosted the Olympics. It's called "Beijing Huan Ying Ni" (Beijing Welcomes You). Total propaganda thing. But it legitimately hurts how PERFECT Asians always seem. I mean, I'm sure they're human and have their flaws (I hope T_T), but they always seem so put together. Like my Chinese teacher. She's just a normal Chinese person but she's still perfect. Ugh.

We have to sing this song (the one mentioned ^) in class on Monday. Solo. I'm fucked. I do not sing. I do not sing in private. I do not sing in public. I am terrified of singing. I'm fucked. T_T I dunno what to do.

German's a really interesting language to learn btw. XD

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