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Thursday, April 24, 2014


@Alice - It won't let me get a follower thing because I don't have a Google+ account, which it won't let me do because I don't want to tell it my name for obvious reasons. Ugh. Apparently "Vampire" isn't a real enough name for then. I can't wait until the Twilight-era kids start having kids...

My bf told me today that he didn't believe that the neighbors would try to hurt me because "the girl is too thin and pretty to ever be violent". Guess who's not eating ever again?

They woke me up at 7am today, after I went to sleep around 1 and was up from about 4-6. So I got like... 4 hours of sleep? I dunno. I'm so tired. I can't stand straight and I'm THIS CLOSE to falling asleep but I've had just enough diet coke to keep me from falling asleep but not enough to keep me awake. Does that make sense?

I met with my therapist today for the last time. I told her everything is wonderful and I'm wonderful and everything's perfect and I'm happy and stress free but I'll totally come back if I need more counseling later on. I won't. She wasn't really helping anyway.

I just want to sleep right now.

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  1. Okay fair enough, I don't have Google+ either, I don't trust it!
    As if being "thin and pretty" has anything to do with someone's capacity for violence! Still, try not to let the hurtful things people say get in the way of you taking care of yourself and doing what's right for you. Yeah so much easier said than done, I know.
    Can I ask why you're stopping therapy? I mean a bad therapist is a fair reason, but if you could find a good therapist, that could be pretty helpful right? xx