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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm really fucking shaken up today. When I was on my way back from my morning class (I always come home after this class on Mondays and Wednesdays because my next class is 4 hours after this one gets out), I was biking (yay bike, exercise, fresh air, BIKE <3) and as I was pulling into the alley I live in (it's not gross, it's a nice paved road, just doesn't have a name so it's an alley), my neighbors were pulling out. The visibility for cars isn't the greatest there so I made sure I was where they could see me, thinking they could stop or at least slow down for a second so we could pass each other safely. Nope. They angled the car towards me and sped up. So I had to quickly veer into a (unpaved, gravely) parking lot to avoid getting hit and I ended up falling off my bike and destroying my (admittedly, already falling apart a bit) favorite pair of boots.

Needless to say, I was in tears when my bf got home because it was just fucking scary that I have to live in the same building as these people and see them every day. I mean, I know we have a mutual hatred for each other, but I didn't think they would actually try to physically harm me, you know? Sadly, I have no proof (unless someone who lives on the alley was looking out their window, which is unlikely since it was the middle of the morning on a weekday) and there's really nothing I can do.

I'm so scared of them right now.

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  1. Hey sweetie, I'm reading back through your blog and getting updated, I didn't realise you had a new blog! But how do I follow you? I don't see any kind of follow button?
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