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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Thanks for the comment. I'm just worried that if I take the anti-nausea pills without eating, it'll make me sick (like how you're supposed to take ibuprofen with food). I dunno though. XD We'll see.

Ugh my puppy freaked me out really bad today XD She was shaking really bad and throwing up a little. Turns out she just really had to go to the bathroom but it was still like, oh my god. I called her vet and the vet's aide (like nurse I guess) was going to call the vet back to work just for her, until I found out she was okay. Thank god she has such a nice vet though!

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  1. Oh god, it's always so scary when pets get sick. I'm glad she's okay now though. My puppy (he's 11, but still my puppy) was sick for a few days last week, and I was freaking out because he's had serious health problems, but in the end he was just constipated, thank god.