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Thursday, October 31, 2013


The neighbors played horribly loud music yesterday. Like, they live under us and it was vibrating the floor and making my gums hurt like fucking hell so I screamed in pain (I couldn't go out because my pain meds make me too dizzy to walk right and I didn't want to take more pain meds because I'd already taken 2 that day) and they turned the music up more and then the bf came home and said it's my fault they did that because I'm so fat.

He keeps treating them like they're royalty or something and the only reason he does that is because the girl is so fucking skinny and they have these perfect little Christian names (nothing against Christians, but these are like the BAD kind of Christians who get off on telling you you're going to hell if you aren't one of them). Like, they hate that our dog barks and said we should get an anti-bark collar for her, which are these terribly inhumane things.

And the percocet made me all loopy today during class (to the point where I was convinced that sheep hatched out of painted Easter eggs) but then when I got home I crashed really bad from it apparently and I couldn't stop crying and wishing I could sleep but being too miserable to sleep. So I think I'm done with the percocet for a while.

Ugh I just wish my gums would stop hurting like crazy.

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