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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


About the achieving things thing... what I mostly want to achieve is learning a lot of languages, which I do have to work on consistently. Sigh. I planned to learn a new language every 3 years. Considering I'm only on my 5th language, that means I'm tragically behind. T_T

The surgery yesterday went really well <3 The doctor and his like, assistants or whatever you call them (nurses? are they nurses for a surgeon? I dunno) were so nice! Like I had chosen to get general anesthesia instead of just a local anesthetic so they had to give me a nose breathing tube with laughing gas and oxygen and an IV and when they saw me panic a little (not physically, it was just apparently really obvious from my eyes) when they started wheeling the IV bag in, they immediately wheeled it out again and started me on the breathing tube and I couldn't even see the IV bag when they did bring it in, and I'm not sure it would have scared me that much even if I had by that point XD I had lovely dreams about vacations and boats and stuff and when I woke up what felt like 5 minutes later, they were all like "you're done!" and I'm like "yay!" and I didn't even mind the nurse/assistant holding me to help me walk out to my mom's car because I was so out of it XD

So now I'm on loads of pills (5 total, counting my birth control) and the percocet is making me dizzy and shaky as fuck... well, not shaky, but like weak, it's hard to walk. And I have to eat WAY too much because apparently you're supposed to eat a little every time you take percocet (which is about 4-5 times a day for me) and eat a small meal every time you take the anti-swelling pill (twice a day) so.. yeah not fun =/ Oh well... antiswelling is only for one more day and the rest of the pills will be gone in a week so... hopefully I'll be all good by then. =)

How are you all doing? <3

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  1. 5 languages is bloody impressive. I only know a little German so you're way ahead of me there!
    I'm glad your surgery went well :) xx