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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Thanks Bella =) I'm only working on my 5th language though. I'm in my second year (3rd semester) of Chinese, so I don't exactly *know* it yet.

Ugh one of my medications is making me really dizzy. It's either the percocet or the anti-swelling one.

Thankfully I'll be off the anti-swelling one after taking the last pill of it tonight. =) Which means no more eating loads and loads of food. Still more food than I would like to eat, but nowhere near as bad as it has been.

Starting tomorrow, I'm having a light yogurt for breakfast (since percocet will make me sick if I take it on a completely empty stomach) and a small cup of something for dinner (bf got me fat free cottage cheese and I like putting curry powder into it, so that's an option <3) and a cup of tea and water throughout the day, then work my way down from there (aka stop eating so much as soon as I'm off all the pills)

La la la. Thankfully something (probably the percocet again haha) is keeping me from getting too panicky about all this damn eating. =)

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