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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Bf and I's relationship is getting better. He hasn't threatened to call the cops to put me into a mental hospital in about half a week. Improvement!

Today we went over to a friend's place for Thanksgiving. It was fairly casual except it was a Christian household and some of us weren't Christian and this one girl like ate a cookie and some lady started flipping out on her because they hadn't prayed yet. And they had Harry Potter (4th movie) on and this guy was all "Harry Potter is so stupid. Broomsticks don't fly and dragons aren't real." And I'm  like... yeah but invisible superheros in the sky ARE real? Okayy. Thankfully almost everyone, including the other Christians, told him he was being stupid and HP is actually quite fun. =) Oh if he only saw the Tumblr fandoms... Ahaha.

Bf dished me a plate of some baked corn bread/cake stuff and green bean casserole and homemade peach Schnapps cheesecake. I pushed the food around on my plate and convinced him I'd eaten a 4th of it and was stuffed. Haha. =) Victory!

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  1. Glad Thanksgiving turned out okay...I have some relatives very similar to the ones you described!

    OMG, I used to have a scale with "grafetti" (sp?) like that written all over it ...and my Mom (I'm 52 and live with her most of the year as her caretaker) made the cleaning lady remove it....GAH!

    Stay well, Hon.