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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thank you for the lovely comments <3

We were talking about borderline personality disorder in my abnormal psych class yesterday. Everything they said about the symptoms and stuff sounded exactly like me. =/ But then, during the schizophrenia unit I thought I was schizophrenic for a few days cause I was having some really weird delusions (probably caused by the super strong pain medication XD) so this will probably pass too. I know there's some syndrome or something that medical and psychology students get where they are convinced they have the diseases/disorders they're studying and it's usually temporary as far as I know...

On the other hand, even though I'm not in pain anymore and the swelling is like, 97% gone, I'm having issues getting rid of my percocet and tylenol (with codeine, just a prescription slip, haven't filled it, but the bf says it causes hallucinations cause he was on it at the hospital when he was younger)... sigh. I'm telling myself I'm only keeping the stuff until I'm all healed up so I know I won't need it anymore. That's reasonable, right?

I will never again make the mistake of looking at my stitched up gums though. Dear fucking god. >_< all I've been able to stomach is tea and jelly beans and coffee since then.

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