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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Or percocet. Whatever your drug of choice may be. XD My puppy slipped her harness this morning while the bf was taking her out and she ran around the block a few times and I ran out and tried to help the bf catch her except I was still in my pajamas meaning I was barefoot. Oh my god. My feet were KILLING me because there's so much broken glass/gravel around our neighborhood. It was a good morning workout in the freezing cold though!

@Bella - about the cracking skin thing... I'm just really lazy about moisturizer. I feel like if I used it even on a daily basis I wouldn't have this problem at all. XD Even after one application last night my hands feel so much better <3

I'm sleep deprived as fuck right now. That run this morning (4:30am - when my bf leaves for work) really woke me up. T_T

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