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Saturday, December 7, 2013


(Not my kitten)

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  1. Re: your comment, I actually just went into the kitchen to look at the cheese. The best before date is May 25th next year (I'm not sure how food packaging works over there, but here a best-before date means it might lose some flavour and nutritional qualities but is still safe to eat, and a use-by date means it's unsafe to eat). So it'll be perfectly fine until the end of May, and still like 95% perfect through April. I doubt it'll last that long though, my mum and bro are big cheese eaters, hence we went through the last lot in 3 months :P

    It is a terrifyingly large amount though. TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND CALORIES, EEEEEEEK! Shit, I dread to think how many million calories my kitchen contains in total.

    That self-harm advice reminds me of a similar quote relating to EDs. "And if your daughter came to you, crying with hunger, would you tell her no?
    Would you tell her she is too fat, she wants too much, she must shrink into society?
    Then why would you tell yourself the exact same thing?
    You are somebody’s daughter."