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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So apparently our neighbors have told the rental agency that we're like satanists or something and that we are not to talk to them under any circumstances. Which is fine with me as long as it goes both ways. Except they're just being little pms-y shits because I'm assuming the reason they said this was because the last time we talked to them was when they had their music so loud it was vibrating our entire apartment and making me throw up (involuntarily) and we asked them to turn it down and they gave us some bullshit about how it was so quiet they could barely hear it. The time before that that we talked at all was when stupid skanky skinny bitch came to the door to talk to my bf about how we should get a shock collar for our dog to train her out of barking.


I don't want to deal with this bullshit so close to finals.

Also I had 2 fucking panic attacks last night and the bf got pissed off and yelled at me for like 2 hours straight after the first one and then tried to "comfort" me during the second one which honestly made things a million times worse but I couldn't collect myself for long enough to tell him that.


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  1. Oh what? Jeez, they're bloody dickbags. Sounds like they want to be as loud as they like while the rest of the world sits in silence for them.

    Sorry to hear about the panic attacks :-/ Maybe when you're calm, could you have a think about what your boyfriend could say/do to support you during panic attacks, and what he does that makes you more distressed, and maybe talk to him about it? That's what I've started doing. When I get upset, mum sometimes gets frustrated/angry/whatever, and thinks she can't say/do anything to make me feel better anyway. If I think of things that clearly make me feel better/worse when I'm upset, I've started telling her about it when I'm calm. Like, holding my hand makes me feel a little better, saying certain things upsets me more, etc.. It might make it a little easier for both of you. Just something to think about :)