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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


@Bella - would that happen even if I don't actually have an ED? Because I truly believe I don't... I just want to be thin, which isn't awfully abnormal in today's society. That is a good point though. I'm just a bit spooked because in the article I read, it said a lot of doctors don't really let their patients get off it slowly, though they did mention that if a doctor does wean the patient off the medication properly, then it isn't awful and painful and stuff. =3

My cold is getting so much better. I hadn't had coffee in 2 days so I got a Monster Rehab today. (side note: because I do want to be healthy, I asked my boyfriend to limit me to one Monster a month - though I will never be crazy enough to limit my coffee intake again omfg I had the worst headache ever today and as soon as I started drinking my Monster I felt better <3)

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I'm still undecided on the therapy thing. I'll think it over during my massage on Saturday. My mom got me a certificate (for my birthday back in October lmao) to get a massage, manicure, and pedicure at a salon/spa a few blocks from my apartment. I had the appointment scheduled for this past weekend, but I was sick so I rescheduled it for this Saturday. Whee. I hope it'll help me relax a bit. <3

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