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Friday, February 7, 2014


Listening to the Skyrim opening theme through earphones + Tumblr = therapy

I didn't go to class today and didn't schedule the appointment with the lawyer.

I also had an essay due this past Wednesday that I haven't even started yet. Fuck.

I had most of a plain veggie burger (no bread, cheese, or any of that bs - total calories for just the veggie burger, if I had finished it, would be 90) and a Monster Rehab and a cup of coffee with 2 tbsp of vanilla almond milk yesterday and ended up shaking, presumably from the caffeine.

Bf and I went out and got hair dye and black nail polish (for me) and then went out for lunch and I got a veggie wrap (no dressing so just cucumber, raw mushroom, raw carrot, black olive, onion, and cheese ugh) I had half and threw it up. Also had a Monster Rehab (green tea flavor omg so yummy <3) and a cup of coffee today.

I'm kinda fucking up really bad on this whole being healthy, no purging, living a normal, productive life thing.

But at least I'll make myself thin.

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