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Sunday, February 2, 2014


@Bella - there is a law against being too loud, but it's only after a certain time at night

@Thinderella - sadly, I have no choice XD

This awful girl was trying to hit on my yesterday (yes, yes, I should be happy that anyone at all is hitting on me, but ugh). She was saying how she pictured me dressing up in sexy lingerie. It was extremely uncomfortable, especially since both of our boyfriends were there. There's something really wrong with her. I barely know her and she likes to sit around our living room every week during d&d talking about how I'm lucky that sex doesn't hurt me because it hurts her because she got raped. Yeah it never hurts me because I'm just a stupid whore who sleeps with everyone.
It's like she doesn't realize that people don't want to hear graphic descriptions of sexual assault.

I've been in this weird mood where the most innocent comment is someone's way of saying I'm fat/horrible/stupid. Whenever I hear people laughing, like if I'm in the student union where people always sit and laugh with their friends, so it's normal to hear laughter, I'm convinced everyone I walk by is laughing at how disgusting and fat I am.

It's kind of becoming a problem.

The neighbors are still yelling at us for the most random stuff. We have no proof of how much of assholes they are though. Except how cut up my hand and stomach and legs are, but obviously you can't go to court and be like look at my pretty scars. NOW PUT THOSE ASSHOLES IN JAIL. But someone, who generally says "deal with the things that bother you, don't be a whiny bitch", told me I should go to the school lawyers and see if they can legally obligate them to stop being douches. I doubt it, but it's free and it's worth a try I guess, so whatever.

Also I'm in the process of applying to a month-long study abroad program in Beijing this summer. I'm terrified of it but I really, really want it at the same time.

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