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Friday, January 10, 2014


I fell and hit my knee really bad yesterday and the downstairs neighbors started pounding on the walls and yelling at me. Then the bf got home while I was still limping around, trying to make him tea and stuff, and he dropped everything he was carrying and held me because I was crying so hard about what the neighbors did and the fact that I was fucking limping just from falling on a carpeted floor, like what in fuck?

Then he made tofu/rice/veggies and I had some and threw it up because I couldn't stand the feeling of food inside me.

How pathetic. Not even two weeks into the new year and I've already purged like 10 times.

On the bright side, the bf and I are getting way better. I don't know what it is (I suspect it's the fact that he has a job that pays fairly well, at least for us - less stress about money = less stress in relationship = better relationship), but it's nice. Kind of. Haha he went grocery shopping tonight and brought back a box of my favorite chocolates. They're sitting in the kitchen looking all pretty and I won't touch them until I feel in control enough to.

Puppy ended up not going to the vet today. But I rescheduled her appointment for Tuesday so hopefully that'll be okay.

Classes start Monday. I can't wait. <3

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  1. Fuck your neighbors, seriously. They're childish dickheads beyond words.

    I'm worried for you dear. Your purging seems to really be getting out of control. Have you got any safe foods that you feel okay with staying in your stomach?

    I'm glad you and the boyfriend are getting along better. I'm betting it's job-related, though maybe not just financial. If you guys were living together and spending all your time together, it gets hard. I know my relationship with my ex improved after he got a job and we weren't together 24/7 anymore.