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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The neighbors were awfully loud today. Like, it sounded like they were slamming an enormous metal pot against a brick wall for a few hours straight. There's only so many times you can loudly open and close so many cabinets, you know? And they kept yelling and shit. Ugh.

I got sick of it and went outside to read, which is my preferred method of de-stressing. Even though it's -10C outside. Fuck them. I'd rather deal with the cold than they're bitching. Though I could still hear their slamming shit against the wall (or whatever they were doing) while I was outside. Lmao.

And I started my period today. Whee.

Which would normally mean I want to eat everything in sight.

But I haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning (an egg and a handful of skittles) and I don't particularly care if I ever eat again. I just want to clean. Everything. There were no dishes to wash today and I was tempted to ask my friend to make himself some food or something so there would be something for me to wash.

I didn't do it though. XD

I did cheat a bit yesterday. Bf brought me a Monster when he went out to get dinner (subs...what the FUCK) for him and the friend (I said I didn't want anything cause I was still full) and I drank that. It was a pink lemonade Monster Rehab though, so 20cals and super caffeinated, so I don't feel too bad about it. It probably helped that I had a pot and a half of coffee yesterday.

All I've had today is water and I'm okay with that though I might make myself tea later. =3

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