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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today has been awful. On so many levels.

This guy got all ticked off at me because I didn't want to sleep with him and sent me a text after saying a lot of awful stuff about how apparently I sleep with everyone. He seemed really violent and when he said I should watch my back, I got freaked out and bf found out (I was trying to hide it, but when he got home, I was just so terrified that I burst into tears and when he asked me what was wrong, I told him) and insisted I go to the cops. So I did. The police in this city are wonderful. So kind and they dealt with the fact that I was in tears and freaking out. I feel embarrassed running to them like that, especially since there's no proof that the threat was serious, but the guy just seemed so aggressive and violent and angry. It was so scary. Thankfully, it's now taken care of.

Then I had my research methods class today and the prof is really bad at teaching, but thankfully my classmates are motivated to pass the class (since it's required) so I think we'll probably just have a study group and teach the subject to ourselves. Funnily enough, we were actually discussing aggression today in class and I couldn't stop giggling for no apparent reason.

Then I came home and had a bowl of soup with bread. Purged that. Then went to dinner at my mom's with bf and former stepbrother + gf. My mom kept shooting me the evil eye because I was just picking at the soup she made and turning down all the other food (potatoes, salad covered in oily dressing, homemade cheesy garlic bread, peach pie). The soup was quinoa, carrots, onions, bell pepper, and chick pea. Water-based, not cream-based. So I guess not dangerous per se. Couldn't stomach it and she decided to be motherly and sent a container of the soup home with me, as well as two pieces of the pie. I got home, skyped a friend for a bit, and then ate the soup and pie and purged that.

...Ugh I'm truly pathetic, aren't I.

Besides that, I've had coffee and peppermint tea and water today. All safe so there is that.

I need to be thin.

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  1. What an ass. I hate how people can turn so nasty so quickly when you don't want to sleep with them. I'm glad your boyfriend made you go to the cops. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. You were scared, and they're there to keep you safe.
    Sorry to hear you're struggling so badly with purging at the moment :( You're not pathetic, you're struggling and I'm worried for you. Please try to stay as safe as you can, yes? *hugs*