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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I skipped my 9:30am Chinese class today because it was -18C outside when it was time to leave for class and I was like fuckk no. I hope my prof doesn't get mad. I'm one of the students who's always paying attention during class and she knows that, so hopefully she won't be offended. Also I'm sure all the professors right now understand that students who live off-campus just cannot handle the cold XD

I had a handful of black olives and half a green bell pepper yesterday and while I was finishing the bell pepper my bf was just like "I can't believe you just ate so much...aren't you fat enough already?"

Haha. Fucker. Guess I'm not eating again.

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  1. He ACTUALLY said that? Jesus Christ. Then again I've had that happen "ew that salad is huge, don't you have any self control?" I'm going to go live under a rock. -18?? how do you leave your warm bed???