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Monday, August 5, 2013


Haha the dress/tshirt thing was stolen from my boyfriend XD I love stealing his tshirts and wearing them with leggings and boots.

Ugh we went to the grocery store last night.

I got really dizzy and nauseated for some reason so I was absolutely useless. Which meant the bf made all food decisions. Bad idea.

-frozen pizza
-pasta (dry)
-pasta sauce (jars)
-sweet pickles
-all natural fruit candy
-bell peppers


He got enough food to last like 2 weeks. Ugh.

I mean, it was his own money and at least he did get SOME healthy stuff. Still though. Boys. >_< Ew.

But now I have lemons to put in my tea, which is pretty awesome. <3

Thanks for the comments on my last post btw >_<

Haha my bf is encouraging my book problem! He noticed I have too many books to fit on my one bookshelf, so he said he's going to get me another bookshelf or two when we move. Yayyy!


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  1. Your boyfriend is officially awesome for offering new bookshelves. You'll need an entire room for a library at this rate of knots!

    The shopping list doesn't look too bad. It seems like a fairly healthy shop by boy-standards :P