The title of this blog is from the book Blood Beast (Book 5 of the Demonata series). I take no credit for it. ^_^

Friday, August 2, 2013


Haha... Bella, I have been doing that XD peppermint tea is my best friend atm.

That postsecret reminds me of my friend o_O Except he's 18. But same thing really. Haha. Oh well. He's a really sweet person and a great friend. It just takes a lot to get him to leave his house. XD

Oh god... my puppy doesn't snore at all ^_^ she's super quiet. Except she flips the fuck out when she sees ANYTHING outside. Like even if it's a bee or something. >_< Still adorable though.

Ugh I have so much to do before the school year starts in like... 3 weeks. Crap. >_< I have to sell my old textbooks, get my new textbooks, pay the tuition bill, get school supplies, catch up on my Chinese... omfg.

And hopefully find a part-time job. Just because I want my own income. Mom's monthly allowance ($100 T_T) isn't quite enough XD I mean, the bf buys all the necessities, but I'd still like my own money, you know?


Smart phone apps are ridiculous... so distracting XD I have a sudoku app. Oh god. >_< It's lovely. <3

I just gave the dog a bath. Oh my god. She does not like water. At all. >_< It was a bit of a workout keeping all 30lbs of pure energy in the shower while I was letting the flea shampoo sit like you're supposed to. >_< But that's good, right?



  1. I looove sudoku. Wonderful way to kill time. Smartphones have saved me a lot of money on puzzle books :P

    Good luck with the next three weeks. I hope you can find a job and have a little cash floating around. Just don't spend it all on Monster ;)


  2. Sudoku is the best! I use to be super geeky about it and time myself :D Your pup sounds like fun! And a ton of work! Good luck on the job hunt! I'm going to start looking for one soon too with school!