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Saturday, August 10, 2013


The boyfriend has me on an emotional roller coaster. One second he's super loving and kind and I can't do anything wrong in his eyes, the next second I'm the most useless pile of shit he's ever seen. It's like he can't decide.

We randomly had a fit of mania last night (yeah, both of us at once! XD weird) and I gave the puppy a flea bath and he vacuumed every inch of the apartment. Including under the couch and bed, where he normally doesn't vacuum since it's a pain in the ass to move. I'm covered in scratches and bruises now because my puppy really does not like baths. XD Like, at all. She doesn't get violent, she just really struggles to get out and you have to hold her super tight and make sure she doesn't hurt herself by falling or hitting her head against something.

But she smells super good now. =) And there's like no fleas on her. So... yay?

We're moving in less than a week. So terribly excited for that! <3

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  1. This picture is the story of my life
    I doubt so much whether I have an ED even though I've diagnosed with it, because I don't think I'm thin enough

    Best of luck with the move x