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Friday, August 9, 2013


Haha... I don't really go out either, Bella. It's quite a struggle to get me to go out to a bar or anything. Though the music at goth night is AWESOME. Plus there's crazy people dancing. It's like a tame rave, especially with the lights and how everyone is friends. =)

The bf got me caffeinated water. It's a bottle of water that's caffeinated. According to the bottle, it tastes like normal water and it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. XD No idea if it tastes good, though I'm curious to find out.

He's making a veggie-heavy dish for dinner tonight. Super yay. It includes homemade hummus. <3 (We buy bags of dried chickpeas and I practically devour them when we soak them to soften them... chickpeas are godly)

Stuck at 59.1kg.

Should I blame chickpeas and apples? Kinda seems weird to.

My mom got back to the states last night. She wants me to come over for dinner on Monday night. Terrified! I don't want to eat dinner with my mother. At least the bf doesn't get bitchy if I don't eat, he just tells me to eat later and gets a bit upset and overprotective when I get dizzy. Lol I'm too fat to have these problems...


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