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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Paid tuition today, rental agency informed us that we're moving on THURSDAY not FRIDAY like they originally said. Normally I'd be ticked off about this but the new place is so cute and I've been so stressed out about this move I just want to get it over with. >_<

I made bf dinner last night. =) tri-color pasta spirals with cheesy pasta sauce that had bell pepper, chick peas, and tofu in it. Also made him iced black tea with honey, raspberry flavoring, and lemon. And chocolate chip cookies for dessert. =) He was quite happy about it.

And I finished getting my school supplies last night. I have about $30 for the rest of this month that aren't dedicated to buying textbooks so that's going to be fun. XD Bike isn't getting sold until next week at earliest ($60 or $80) and I haven't sold my textbooks yet. Dunno why I'm freaking out about it though. My parents are more than willing to provide me with money, especially for school stuff. Eh I just want to be independent I guess.

School starts August 26! <3

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